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When does an Instagram user become an influencer? The British regulator has indicated the number of followers that makes the creator of the influencer and obliges him to mark his posts.

Every day there are more and more users on Instagram. Each of them can become an influencer. What should you do to be one?

According to the British Regulator Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), whether someone is an influencer is demonstrated by the number of followers. 

Influencer and Followers

For a long time, everyone who wants to be recognizable on social accounts needs a group of engaged recipients. But when exactly can we recognize such a person as an influencer? Is it already or not yet?

According to ASA, anyone with over 30,000 followers becomes an influential person on the internet. It should, therefore, take responsibility for the content published as well as the products it advertises. If they are not legal or Instagram blocks the possibility of their advertising – they should not do so.

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Where did the idea for such a statement come from?

One of Instagram’s users – thismamalife caused a storm around the number of followers. She published a photo on her profile with the packaging of sleeping pills. According to a statement issued by ASA, she could not do this because the number of her observers is over 32,000 (currently over 39,000).

Image Source: www.instagram.com/thismamalife/

On the Internet, of course, it boiled on the subject, but ASA is still defending its opinion. The law prohibits the advertising of medicines or agents of unknown origin to influencers who do not indicate the fact that it is a sponsored post. It also disadvantaged women. She wrote that the drug can be bought in pharmacies, but did not inform that the entry is an element of cooperation with the hypnotic drug manufacturers.

From this place, we also appeal to you to consciously and prudently use your social networking sites – especially when the number of your followers exceeds 30,000.

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