What is Instagram and Why is It So Popular?

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If you use social media activity then you must have used Instagram and you cannot deny its popularity among other social media users. In this article we will discuss in two parts what is Instagram and why is it so popular.

#1 – What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social networking app where people can share their photos and videos for everyone to see. Users can also choose to keep their profile private only to be seen by their followers if they wish so. One can search and follow people based on what kind of content and photos they like e.g. traveling, food, celebrities, fashion, photography and so much more. You can make connections with people based on common interests and hobbies. You can like and comment on photos that inspire you. Giving and receiving feedback on your content is great fun and very rewarding at the same time.

Using Instagram

You take photos or make videos and just share them on Instagram! You will get feedback from other users in the form of likes and comments. Even if you don’t share any photos yourself you can still like, comment on and share other people’s photos and videos. You can follow any public account that you like and get a follow back too if they like your content.

Difference between Instagram and other social networks

Unlike Twitter or Facebook (the other popular social networks) Instagram is a photo-first app. The first thing you get to see is the photo, you can then click on the profile and check out bio and other content shared by that account. Also, unlike Twitter where people tweet in real-time and are mostly news based, you can share your old photos and videos on Instagram. Instagram combines the best parts of Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat all in one. You can share photos and videos, write captions and add pictures to your Instagram story as well.

Benefits of using Instagram?

People are interested more in photos and videos rather than reading long texts which makes Instagram very enjoyable. Also, it is very simple and easy to use the app. Statistics show that Instagram is a very popular social network among youngsters and has a large number of daily active users. Many more people join this social network every day. Over time this app has become a very useful marketing tool for businesses and professionals. Because of a very large audience, the reach and engagement level of posts is very high. Thanks to Instagram, many businesses have grown exceptionally. With the right approach, businesses can use this social media very effectively to their maximum benefit.

#2 – Why is Instagram so popular?

Instagram has become very popular among users in a short span of time. It has surpassed its competitors like Snapchat and Twitter in terms of the number of users very rapidly. Instagram is a go-to app for users who want to share their photos on social networks. There are so many reasons that make Instagram immensely popular. Some of the most basic and important ones are discussed below.

A user-friendly app

Instagram is very easy to use social networking app. It has simple features that make it very easy to use by users of all age groups. Instagram also keeps introducing new and improved features in order to keep the app up-to-date, fresh and interesting for the users. Instagram works really well on mobile and it allows you to share your photos on other networks like Facebook and Twitter simultaneously.  

The photographs

The main reason for Instagram’s popularity is its main content which is the photographs itself. You will find beautiful photos on every topic you can think of on this app. You won’t be able to put your smartphone down once you start navigating through your Instagram feed. Just follow the accounts according to the type of content you want to see in your feed and you will have a treat for your eyes.

The Community and Diversity

You can follow people from all over the world on Instagram. Even if you don’t follow a lot of people, you can still check out their content whenever you want to. You can talk to people from different countries and backgrounds and even make lasting connections with them. This diverse community of Instagram makes it a wonderful place to see unique content and meet interesting people from far off places. You can learn from different cultures and educate yourself on global issues. The world really seems like a global village while you are on Instagram.

A collection of your life’s moments

Instagram serves as a running documentary of your life if you are sharing your personal photos. Going through these photos at a later time will enable you to see what you have been doing and the places you have traveled to all in chronological order. Instagram has truly become a virtual photo album.

Transformation of simple things into art

You don’t have to travel to exotic places or have to use fancy equipment to take great photos for Instagram. You can make a simple thing into a piece of art with a little imagery. You can post about anything from your breakfast, your grocery shopping, your pets or children or even your footwear and you will find people liking your photos. That is why a lot of people are turning to Instagram because we love to share our simple lives for the world to see!

Vast audience

Instagram’s vast audience is what makes it popular for businesses and professionals. Businesses are using Instagram to promote their business because of its wider reach and it has become a very popular marketing channel for them. They can instantly check the response to their new products with one picture post. People with large followings are also using to buy Instagram followers UK, this platform as influencers for brands. Instagram has helped a lot of people to earn money and is becoming increasingly popular among PR companies. Instagram has been very helpful to (but not limited to) makeup artists, photographers, event planners, food bloggers and graphic designers because a lot of people are interested in these topics and they follow accounts with good content very loyally. Instagram has proved to be a great medium for advertising a product or service as well as promoting a business.

Keeping in view the above-mentioned reasons, it seems that Instagram will continue to be the most widely used and popular social network in the future.


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